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About the Artist

Since I was a child, I was playing in the Earth; making bowls, mudpies, and sculptures. I started a career as an elementary teacher, became a wife and mother, and settled into that for some time before I remembered again what a joy clay brought to my soul. Now, I create functional textured ceramics as a member of the Ceramics Guild at the Krasl Art Center as well as in my home studio in beautiful St. Joseph, Michigan.


It was after I switched to teaching Art in 2014, after several years as a classroom teacher, that I began to practice what I preach to my students. I encourage them to take risks, make mistakes, laugh at yourself, feel proud when you make something beautiful, and find inspiration in the world around you - especially in the outdoors.


I spend much of my summers traveling and camping in our vintage 1973 Airstream with my family, enjoying inspiration from the natural world. An interesting aspect of living in 188 square feet of space, with 3 other people (for weeks at a time), is that one needs to think carefully about what one finds utilitarian AND elegant. This is the basis of my ceramics work. To me, a person should have both. It is something I strive to create in my work - beauty and functionality.


My aesthetic choices are inspired by nature; the colors, textures, and form. My hope is that the love and bliss I feel when making ceramics is passed on to you in the piece you choose. Each design is hand-carved with carefully sanded and polished bottoms, giving a unique and one of a kind feel. May they lighten your spirit and bring happiness to your home!

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